#LLPH Officially Releases First Endorsements for #2014Elections! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #RedNationRising

LLPH is pleased to announce our first batch of endorsements for the 2014 elections. This batch of leaders we are endorsing today are the future of our country. They have all shown an understanding for the need for the protection of our civil liberties and economic prosperity. We look forward to introducing them to you more in the coming days. They need your help, monetary support, volunteering, and prayers. Thank you for all you do and let’s win in 2014!


Chad Mathis, MD 1/24/14: Chad Mathis Endorsed for AL CD 6.


Matt Salmon 1/24/14: Rep. Matt Salmon Endorsed for AZ CD 5.

David Schweikert 1/24/14: Rep. David Schweikert Endorsed for AZ CD 6.

Andrew Walter 1/24/14: Andrew Walter Endorsed for AZ CD 9.


Tom McClintock 1/24/14: Rep. Tom McClintock Endorsed for CA CD 4.

Igor Birman 1/24/14: Igor Birman Endorsed for CA CD 7.

GregRathsForCongress 1/24/14: Greg Raths Endorsed for CA CD 45.

Dana Rohrabacher 1/24/14: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Endorsed for CA CD 48.


Ken Buck 1/24/14: Ken Buck Endorsed for Colorado Senator.


Ron DeSantis 1/24/14: Rep. Ron DeSantis Endorsed for FL CD 6.

Bill Posey 1/24/14: Rep. Bill Posey Endorsed for FL CD 8.


Dr. Bob Johnson 1/25/14: Dr. Bob Johnson Endorsed for GA CD 1.

Chip Flanegan 1/25/14: Chip Flanegan Endorsed for GA CD 3.

Jody Hice 1/25/14: Jody Hice Endorsed for GA CD 10.

 Barry Loudermilk 1/25/14: Barry Loudermilk Endorsed for GA CD 11.


Senator Jim Risch 1/24/14: Sen. Jim Risch Endorsed for Idaho Senator.

Raul Labrador 1/24/14: Rep. Raul Labrador Endorsed for ID CD 1.

Bryan Smith 1/24/14: Bryan Smith Endorsed for ID CD 2.


David Hale 1/24/14: David Hale Endorsed for IL CD 16.


Andrew McNeil 1/25/14: Andrew McNeil Endorsed for IN CD 8.


Team Milton Wolf 1/24/14: Milton Wolf Endorsed for Kansas Senator.

TimHuelskamp 1/24/14: Rep. Tim Huelskamp Endorsed for KS CD 1.


Matt Bevin 1/24/14: Matt Bevin Endorsed for Kentucky Senator.

Thomas Massie 1/24/14: Rep. Thomas Massie Endorsed for KY CD 4.


Col. Rob Maness ret. 1/24/14: Rob Maness Endorsed for Louisiana Senator.

Paul Dietzel II 1/24/14: Paul Dietzel Endorsed for LA CD 6.


Rep. Andy Harris, MD 1/25/14: Rep. Andy Harris Endorsed for MD CD 1.

Dan Bongino 1/24/14: Dan Bongino Endorsed for MD CD 6.


Justin Amash 1/24/14: Rep. Justin Amash Endorsed for MI CD 3.

Peter Konetchy  1/24/14: Peter Konetchy Endorsed for MI CD 4.

Kerry Bentivolio 1/24/14: Rep. Kerry Bentivolio Endorsed for MI CD 11.


McDaniel for Senate 1/24/14: Chris McDaniel Endorsed for Mississippi Senator.

Tavish Kelly 1/24/14: Tavish Kelly Endorsed for MS CD 4.


Ben Sasse 1/24/14: Ben Sasse Endorsed for Nebraska Senator.

Dan Frei 4 Congress 1/24/14: Dan Frei Endorsed for NE CD 2.


Dr. Greg Brannon 1/24/14: Greg Brannon Endorsed for North Carolina Senator.

Rep. Walter Jones 1/24/14: Rep. Walter Jones Endorsed for NC CD 3.

Mark Meadows 1/24/14: Rep. Mark Meadows Endorsed for NC CD 11.


Steve Chabot 1/24/14: Rep. Steve Chabot Endorsed for OH CD 1.

Jim_Jordan 1/24/14: Rep. Jim Jordan Endorsed for OH CD 2.


Jim Bridenstine 1/24/14: Rep. Jim Bridenstine Endorsed for OK CD 1.


Dennis Linthicum  1/24/14: Dennis Linthicum Endorsed for OR CD 2.


Art Halvorson 4 PA-9 1/24/14: Art Halvorson Endorsed for PA CD 9.


Tim Scott 1/24/14: Senator Tim Scott Endorsed for South Carolina Senator.

Mark Sanford 1/24/14: Rep. Mark Sanford Endorsed for SC CD 1.

Rep. Jeff Duncan 1/24/14: Rep. Jeff Duncan Endorsed for SC CD 3.

Rep. Mick Mulvaney 1/24/14: Rep. Mick Mulvaney Endorsed for SC CD 5.


Joe Carr 1/24/14: Joe Carr Endorsed for Tennessee Senator.

Rep. John Duncan Jr  1/24/14: Rep. John Duncan Jr. Endorsed for TN CD 2.


Louie Gohmert 1/24/14: Rep. Louie Gohmert Endorsed for TX CD 1.

Tony Arterburn 1/24/14: Tony Arterburn Endorsed for TX CD 4.

Frank Kuchar 1/24/14: Frank Kuchar Endorsed for TX CD 6.

Craig McMichael 1/24/14: Craig McMichael Endorsed for TX CD 8.

Matt McCall 1/24/14: Matt McCall Endorsed for TX CD 21.

Kenny Marchant 1/24/14: Rep. Kenny Marchant Endorsed for TX CD 24.

Katrina for Congress 1/24/14: Katrina Pierson Endorsed for TX CD 32.


Mia Love 1/24/14: Mia Love Endorsed for UT CD 4.


Vote Alex Mooney   1/24/14: Alex Mooney Endorsed for WV CD 2.


Sensenbrenner Press 1/25/14: Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner Endorsed for WI CD 5.


Rep. Cynthia Lummis 1/24/14: Rep. Cynthia Lummis Endorsed for WY CD AL.

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