#LLPH Announces Project to Defeat Lindsey Graham & Project to Defeat John Cornyn! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #RedNationRising

LLPH is pleased to announce two projects that will be critical in 2014. Senator Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn are both RINOs who need to be defeated in 2014. We have endorsed many primary challengers from Milton Wolf to defeat Senator Pat Roberts in Kansas, Chris McDaniel to defeat Senator Thad Cochran in Mississippi, Matt Bevin to defeat Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, Joe Carr to defeat Senator Lamar Alexander in Tennessee, and many more conservatives. 

But in these two races, there are several good candidates who we could endorse. In Texas and South Carolina, there is a run-off if no candidate gets more than 50%. Therefore, our goal is to push both of these senators to runoffs where conservatives can then unite to defeat these two senators.

We encourage challengers of these two senators to FOCUS on their main targets: Senator Graham and Cornyn. Unity after the primaries and going into a run-offs will be critical to defeating RINO Graham and Cornyn!

Project to Defeat Lindsey Graham:  LLPH believes that any of the challengers listed below would be strong conservatives in the U.S. Senate. In a way, we endorse all of them to defeat Senator Graham and encourage people to donate/help any of his challengers. We encourage all his challengers to FOCUS on the main target: Senator Graham. Unity after the primary and going into a run-off will be critical to defeating RINO Graham!

Challengers (listed alphabetically): State Senator Lee Bright-http://www.brightforsenate.com/  

Richard Cash-https://richardcashforsenate.com/

Bill Connor-http://billconnorsc.com/

Nancy Mace-http://nancymace.org/

Why Lindsey Graham must be defeated: Senator Graham voted for amnesty. He supported the housing bailout and the Wall Street bailout. He voted in favor of Eric Holder’s nomination to be the attorney general. He supported Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan’s nominations to the Supreme Court. Senator Graham supported the Muslim Brotherhood and wanted to intervene in Syria, a place where the United States has no reason to be involved in. Senator Graham has repeated increased the debt ceiling, and many counties in South Carolina have already censured him for his actions. 

Project to Defeat John Cornyn:  

Challengers: Congressman Steve Stockman: http://stockman2014.com/

Dwayne Stovall: http://www.texansforstovall.com/

Linda Vega: http://lindavegafortexas.nationbuilder.com/

Chris Mapp: http://mappforussenate.com/

Why John Cornyn Must Be Defeated: Senator Cornyn is prominent for voting for Medicare Part D. He supported the Bridge to Nowhere and was a long time supporter of earmarks until they became unpopular. He voted in favor of the Wall Street Bailout. He has continuously supported raising our debt ceiling without true spending reforms. And he opposes any term limit reforms or amendments. Senator Cornyn will best be remembered for his opposition to defunding Obamacare and his mockery of Senator Ted Cruz.

ImageLet’s United in 2014 to Defeat Two More RINOs: John Cornyn and Lindsey Graham!


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