#LLPH Endorsed Eric Reyes (@EricReyes4US) Withdraws from #IL17 Congressional Race 2014 #TCOT

His Statement: 
ROCK ISLAND – Republican candidate for U.S. Congress, Eric Reyes, released the following statement concerning his choice to withdraw from the 17th District Congressional race:

“I owe a special thank you to my friends, family, campaign staff & volunteers, and ardent supporters everywhere for their time and effort put into spreading the message of liberty in Illinois. I am eternally grateful to the people of the 17th District for giving us their time, wherever we met them,” Reyes went on to say.

“This campaign has never been about me. It has always been about getting America back on the path our founders intended. As a party, we Republicans need to be united in our efforts and therefore, rather than continue to divide the party and waste precious time and resources of all involved, I have chosen to withdraw my candidacy and focus on advancing the principles of freedom, liberty, and limited Constitutional government by other means.”

“The fact is, as bad as the situation in Washington is, the situation here at home is even worse. We live in a state that is taxing itself out of competition for businesses. We have a budget and pension system that was recently ‘reformed’ by kicking the can down the road for the umpteenth time and hoping things will just magically get better. We also still live in the state with the most restrictive gun laws that infringe upon law abiding citizens’ Constitutional rights and that have allowed increasing crime to continue to plague our society. I have no intention of standing by and watching our great state go the way of Detroit.” Reyes said.

Eric Reyes is a Constitutional Lawyer from Rock Island, Illinois. More information about Eric Reyes and his plans to restore America can be found at www.EricReyes.us


For more information or to schedule an interview with Reyes contact Abe Levy at 309.798.4325 or email contact@ericreyes.us.

LLPH wishes Mr. Reyes and his family all the best. 
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