A Deal Breaker: The Ryan-Murray Budget. #TCOT #MakeDCListen #LLPH

The Ryan-Murray Budget which ended sequester (true spending cuts that were occurring now), raised taxes through user fees, cut benefits for veterans, and shut down a key leverage for stopping future tax increases is a failure. LLPH has made the decision that anybody who supported this deal cannot receive an endorsement from LLPH until they vote for a balanced budget (it must balance in at least 10 years). The budget must also reform entitlements and must become law for the vote to count. Until then, supporters of the Ryan-Murray Budget cannot receive an LLPH endorsement and can at most receive a recommendation.

We don’t make this decision lightly. It has always been our intention to look at full records and watch for patterns. But the Ryan-Murray Budget truly exemplifies what is wrong with Washington D.C. Paying later for spending that is occurring now is pathetic.


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