Good News! #LLPH Endorsed #KSSEN Milton Wolf (@MiltonforKansas) Endorsed by Madison Project! #TCOT #MakeDCListen

Madison Project Endorsed LLPH-endorsed Milton Wolf for Kansas Senator in 2014 today!

Here is their press release: 

“We’ve interviewed dozens of candidates this cycle, but few are as passionate and articulate in defense of restoring our Republic as Dr. Milton Wolf,” said Jim Ryun, Chairman of the Madison Project and former Kansas Congressman.  “Even though he has never held public office, Dr. Wolf has exhibited a command of the issues and a dedication to conservative values that is lacking among most individuals in Washington. Senator Roberts has served admirably for a number of decades, but if we ever hope to rebuild the Senate majority on a solid conservative foundation, we need fewer career politicians and more citizen leaders like Milton Wolf.

“When I served the people of Kansas in the House of Representatives, I quickly learned that the big government mentality is entrenched in the leadership of both political parties.  Despite losing the majority during the Bush years, many of these same Republicans have failed to learn the lessons of the past.  They have not shown a bold contrast from the Democrats and a consistent desire to fight special interests and protect our constitutional values.

“I wish I had served alongside more members with the moral clarity and intellectual honesty of Milton Wolf.  He understands that 21st century conservatives need to give voice to our Founding values in the halls of Congress, and on Main Street. His principled voice on current issues pending before Congress has already empowered Kansans by forcing Senator Roberts to change his voting habits.   Milton will continue to fight for us every day of every year he is in office, which, as promised, will be no longer than two terms. In particular, he will be one of the U.S. Senate’s loudest voices against Obamacare.”


They set up a website where you can learn more about Senator Roberts’ record:

Help Dr. Milton Wolf in his campaign here:

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