#LLPH MAJOR KEY VOTE ALERT: #HOUSE & #SENATE: “NO” on Ryan-Murray Budget Deal! #TCOT #MakeDCListen

LLPH vehemently opposes this budget deal and will score this vote very heavily in our scorecard this year. This budget would end sequester, replacing it with possible “future” spending cuts. This is an utter disgrace.
Here is some information from Washington Post:
On Sequestration:

1. The total deal is $85 billion. About $45 billion of that replaces sequestration cuts in 2014. About $20 billion replaces sequestration cuts in 2015. About $20 billion is deficit reduction atop sequestration.

2. The sequestration relief is evenly divided between defense spending and non-defense discretionary spending. The sequester’s cuts to mandatory spending are unaffected.

5. The deal replaces about half of sequestration’s cuts to defense and non-defense discretionary spending in 2014. It replaces about a fourth of them in 2015. That means most of sequestration will go into effect in both years.

LLPH Response: We should just stop here. Ending sequestration without true spending cuts is disgraceful.

On Taxes (or in Washington nice-language: “New Fees”):

3. The new policies in the deal are split between revenue through fees — travelers will see higher prices on airline tickets and federal workers will have to contribute more to pensions — and spending cuts.

LLPH Response: Thank you Washington Bureaucrats…giving us all a Merry Christmas by raising airline prices.

Are there any true structural reforms to entitlement programs? NOPE!

Are there any true spending cuts? NOPE!

Was sequestration protected? NOPE!

Is Washington going to take more money from hardworking Americans? YES!


This deal isn’t a compromise! It ended sequestration, the only thing in Washington that forced politicians to cut spending. #budget

Time to defeat this failed deal. Congress is expected to vote this week in both houses (especially the House of Representatives as this is their last week), so members need to be contacted NOW AND URGED TO VOTE NO!!! 

LLPH will score this vote very heavily in our scorecard. 

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