#LLPH Positions on #NDAA: #IranSanctions, #IndefiniteDetention, #AfghanWar, #NSA, #Sequester! #TCOT #Liberty

This week, the Senate will consider their NDAA which will likely include vigorous debate on numerous amendments. While not knowing specifics on these various amendments, LLPH is announcing our key votes based on the following issues and how we view them:

The Senate is expected to finish work on a bill dealing with drug traceability, and spend the bulk of the week on the National Defense Authorization Act. That opens up a slew of potential amendments that senators could consider throughout the week.

As examples, senators are expected to offer amendments on such issues as restrictions on transferring Guantánamo detainees, military sexual assault, the war in Afghanistan, Syria and the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs. —The Hill

Issue #1: Indefinite Detention 

LLPH Position: Any amendments prohibiting indefinite detention will be scored favorably by LLPH as long as it is a true amendment. We have seen before many amendments that simply restate the 5th Amendment or other parts of the Constitution, but do nothing to solve the problem that was created by the 2012 NDAA. LLPH believes that all people deserve fair, equal, and efficient trials and will oppose any attempts to take away the freedoms that all human beings should be given. (Likely score: 1-2 points).

Issue #2: Iran Sanctions

LLPH Position: We believe that any type of war or aggressive action should come after attempts of peaceful negotiations. That is why LLPH will oppose any Iranian sanctions included in this year’s NDAA. With reports from U.S. negotiators that a deal with Iran is on the way for a reduction in nuclear proliferation. In addition, sanctions tend to harm the PEOPLE of the nation, not the GOVERNMENT who are the ones that are causing the real problems. LLPH believes that increasing sanctions would destroy any chance at real peace. We will score against any new sanctions on Iran. (Likely Score: 1-2 points).

Issue #3: Afghanistan War

LLPH Position: LLPH believes that it is time to be leaving Afghanistan. Our borders are not secure, our infrastructure is crumbling, and we are nation building now in Afghanistan. While some troops should remain for a few more years, we need to begin handing over responsibility to the Afghan troops. We will support any amendments that will speed the withdrawal process and oppose any amendments that would keep us there any longer. (Likely Score: 3 points)

Issue #4: NSA

LLPH Position: The NSA is corrupt, spending $10 billion annually to spy on American citizens, look at their social media, spy on the Pope and the German leader…it needs to be stopped. LLPH will score favorably any votes to decrease or eliminate the NSA and against any amendment protecting or increasing the current NSA. (Likely Score: 3-5 points).

Issue #5: Spending and Sequester

LLPH Position: The Pentagon and defense are important functions of our governments…but every penny spent there is not being spent efficiently. There is tons of waste that needs to be cut and eliminated. So LLPH will analyze each cut that is presented and will oppose any attempts to stop sequester on the Defense Department without proper and current offsets. (Likely Score: 1-3 points)

Issue #6: Sexual Assault in the Military

LLPH Position: LLPH does not hold a strong view on this issue, but we are supporting the planned Gillibrand Amendment which would take the decision making out of the hands of the military commanders. We believe that sexual assault victims can receive a more just and fair hearing before other courts. Military commanders too often let sexual assaulters get away with crimes simply because they are “good soldiers”. While we need good soldiers in our military, we do not need rapists, sexual offenders, and criminals…otherwise what has our country come to? LLPH plans to support the Gillibrand Amendment and may oppose the McCaskill amendment which does very little to help victims. (Likely Score: 1-3 points)

LLPH will announce our views on any other issues that may come up.  We reserve the right to score any amendments on the NDAA soon.

Meanwhile, read more about Senate NDAA here:




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