#LLPH Endorses Milton Wolf (@MiltonWolfMD) for #KSSEN #2014Elections! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #Liberty

“We had rabbits when we needed tigers.” — Ronald Reagan writing in his diary of congressional Republicans

LLPH Endorsed Milton Wolf (R-KS SEN CAND)

LLPH is honored to endorse a strong conservative who will join the conservative team in Washington D.C.: Dr. Milton Wolf!

Milton Wolf wrote the following yesterday (November 5, 2013) in USA Today:

Sadly, the surrender caucus of the GOP puts up more of a fight against conservatives in primaries than they do against disastrous bloated-government policies that come out of Washington. Imagine how much better our country would be if they fought forconservative principles in the halls of Congress instead of fighting against conservatives in elections.

It’s disheartening that every time a conservative Republican loses an election, the surrender caucus pounces. It’s even more disheartening when the loss of an election in a purple state like Virginia is used by the moderates as an excuse for us to become moderates everywhere, even in bright red states like my home of Kansas.

My solution is the same proposed by Ronald Reagan many years ago: “Let’s have a new first party. A Republican Party raising a banner of bold colors, no pale pastels. A banner instantly recognizable as standing for certain values which will not be compromised.”

This fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party is not just about winning elections. It is about saving America. If the Republican Party becomes a mirror image of the Democratic Party, conservative Americans all across our great country see little reason to vote, and Republicans will win no more.


These are the words of a leader who we need in the halls of the U.S. Senate! Milton Wolf will not vote for debt ceiling increases, continuing resolutions, big government and anti-liberty laws, and he will fight for our Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

As senator, Milton Wolf will be a CONSERVATIVE leader every day…not just when Election Day comes near. As he states in the USA Today op-ed:

Just witness Kansas this year. My conservative primary challenge against three-decade incumbent moderate Republican Pat Roberts has already changed the way he governs. He turned on his longtime friend Kathleen Sebelius, whose confirmation he ensured by endorsing her and voting for her — twice.

This year, Roberts finally voted against a deal to raise the debt ceiling, but before that he had cast 11 votes to raise it. And he now is desperately trying to run away from his vote earlier this year in favor of Barack Obama’s $600 billion tax hike. You won’t see him voting for another tax increase before Election Day.

Senator Roberts is a good man. But his policies, votes, and reversals right before Election Day to pretend to be a conservative are unacceptable. His score is higher with LLPH right now as he found out he was getting a primary challenger. But as we have seen with men like Senator Orrin Hatch, they quickly revert back to joining the Surrender Caucus when they are re-elected. We need Milton Wolf in the US Senate!

On the Issues, Milton Wolf says the following:

Imagine a health care system that cares more about patients than politicians.

Imagine a simpler tax code, like the FairTax, where everyone finally plays by the same set of rules.

Imagine an energy policy that focuses on unleashing America’s power rather than driving up our gas prices.

Imagine an immigration policy that rewards those who love America, who play by the rules, and who yearn to breathe free.

Imagine a foreign policy where America’s military remains unrivaled and our soldiers know that we have their backs just as they have ours, but we don’t run into every civil war and skirmish when it does not threaten America’s vital national security interests.

Imagine a government that does not have access to your cell phone calls or email password.

Imagine an America that re-embraces the Constitution and the American Idea of individual liberty, limited government and free-market values.

We can make these things a reality be electing Milton Wolf to the U.S. Senate. Furthermore, he has been fighting Obamacare since Day 1, even though he is the cousin of President Obama. Think…Milton Wolf can stand up to his cousin and tell his cousin that he is WRONG!

Dr. Wolf became an outspoken critic of ObamaCare from the very beginning. His book First Do No Harm: The President’s Cousin Explains Why His Hippocratic Oath Requires Him to Oppose ObamaCare exposed the horrors of the president’s health-care overhaul and provided common sense free-market health-care reforms that put patients first rather than politicians.  He has traveled the country speaking out and has appeared on news shows including Fox and Friends and Hannity. He currently writes a conservative column for the national newspaper The Washington Times.

Milton is a doctor, not a politician. He has never run for political office. He rejects the idea of career politicians and shares our Founding Fathers’ vision of a citizen legislature where Americans bring their experiences, serve for a short time and then return home to live under the laws they helped to create. Milton believes America must re-embrace the Constitution and the divinely-inspired American Idea of individual liberty, limited government and free-market values.

LLPH is PROUD to endorse Milton Wolf to be the next senator of Kansas. A strong conservative and a man who will be a fierce conservative in the U.S. Senate, joining senators like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. 

As Milton Wolf said, “We need more senators like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee.” (From National Review article: “Another Tea Party Senator”-http://nationalreview.com/article/360772/another-tea-party-senator-katrina-trinko)

Here’s his campaign website and please help him out as much as you can: http://www.miltonwolf.com/

Let’s win in 2014! 

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