2013 Election LIVE Updates! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #AL01 #VAGOV #NJGOV #VAGOP

We’ll be posting live updates throughout the night (most recent will be on the top):

10:00 PM: We’ll report on AL-01 tomorrow. Holding out hope that Young wins as Byrne is currently leading 51-49%.

9: 56 PM: McAuliffe has won the governor race in Virginia. Close race and sad. Virginians better start praying hard for protection. McAuliffe is ready with his communist ideas and beliefs.

8: 57 PM Update: AL-01: Young leads Byrne 53-47%.

VA-GOV: Extremely tight race-Cuccinelli leads 48-45%-7%.

VA-LT GOV: Sadly, Northam has been projected as the new VA LT GOV.

VA-AG: Obenshain leads 52-48%!

8: 04 PM Update: Governor Christie of NJ has been re-elected according to all projections. 

8: 01 PM Update: Polls in Alabama and New Jersey have closed. 20% in and Cuccinelli leads 52-41-8% (rounded). Jackson leads 51-49% and Obenshain leads 57-43%.

7: 51 PM Update: 16% in: Cuccinelli leads 52-40-8% in VA GOV.

Jackson leads 51-49% in VA LT GOV.

Obenshain leads 58-42% in VA AG. race.

7: 36 PM Update: 8% in: Cuccinelli leads 52-39-9% in VAGOV.

Jackson behind slightly 50-50% in VA LT GOV.

Obenshain leading 57%-43% in VA AG race.

7: 15 PM Update: 0.2% in: Cuccinelli leads 53-38-10% over McAuliffe and Sarvis (4 Chesterfield Precincts reporting)

7: 00 PM Update: Polls in Virginia HAVE CLOSED! Those in line can still vote though.

5: 56 PM Update: Polls in Virginia close at 7PM ET. Polls in New Jersey and Alabama close at 8 PM ET. Variety of other races throughout the nation!

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