LLPH Endorses Pat McGeehan (@McGeehanforWV) for #WVSEN in #2014Elections! #MakeDCListen #TCOT #RedNationRising #Liberty

“We had rabbits when we needed tigers.” — Ronald Reagan writing in his diary of congressional Republicans

LLPH Endorsed Pat McGeehan (R-WV SEN CAND)

LLPH is proud to endorse Pat McGeehan to be the next U.S. senator from West Virginia. West Virginia has voted Republican for several years and with a radical Democrat nominee likely to be nominated, there is no reason why Republicans should nominate a mediocre, RINO candidate like Rep. Shelley Moore Capito. 

The Washington Establishment and RINO elites have already announced that Capito is their nominee. But how is she different from a Democrat? She voted in favor of BOTH Hurricane Sandy funding bills, supported VAWA, opposed the fiscally responsible RSC Budget, voted for CISPA, supported the earlier debt ceiling/CRs, has one of the worst spending cut records (opposing most spending cuts), voted for the terrible final Senate CR/debt ceiling deal a few weeks ago, and voted against the Amash NSA limitation amendment. SHE IS A DEMOCRAT with the only difference being the (R) after her name.

Pat McGeehan is the true Republican in this race. Here are his views on the issues:

On Civil Liberties/Defense: “As a former Air Force Intelligence Officer who served in the Middle East, I have the necessary experience to understand our current involvement across the world and foreign policy.

National Defense is the federal government’s primary function and must be taken seriously at all measures. I believe when we fight we must do so under a declaration of war from Congress. We must always fight under a US Commander and not a UN Commander. I also oppose tax-payer subsidies to foreign countries. We simply cannot bomb and bribe our way to peace, and we can no longer afford to provide welfare hand-outs around the globe.

As U.S. Senator, I will support legislation that stops sending foreign aid to countries burning our flag.

I do not support giving up personal liberty for so-called “more security”. I will oppose legislation such as the PATRIOT Act, the recent unconstitutional clauses within the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), CISPA, SOPA, and any other bill that infringes on the 4th and 5th Amendments within the Bill of Rights.

Civil liberty and private property must be kept sacred, and I will always fight to make sure it is.”

On 2nd Amendment: “In the U.S. Senate I will support legislation to repeal regulation that infringes on the Second Amendment and oppose any legislation that creates a gun registry.

Our Founding Fathers understood the importance of self-protection. As a gun owner myself, I will fight to defend your right to protect yourself, your family, and your property.”

On Sanctity of Life: ” will support legislation, a Life at Conception Act, establishing the principle that life begins at conception. I will also support any legislation that restricts tax-payer money to organizations such as Planned Parenthood, which perform or advocate abortions.”

On Energy Subsidies: “Coal gives West Virginians affordable power and helps to lower their bills. I oppose using tax-payer money to subsidize alternative energy, while our government targets the destruction of coal mines in West Virginia.

I fought against the Cap-and-Trade bill that was introduced and passed in the West Virginia House of Delegates. I will continue to fight any anti-coal legislation as a U.S. Senator.”

On Immigration: “I oppose any bill which involves amnesty. When we hear of proposed immigration legislation labeled as “reform package,” conservatives always lose.

No one says our immigration is not in need of reform, but before we do anything we must secure our borders first. We must prevent a “path to citizenship” that awards illegals with incentives to break the law.”

On Debt/Spending: “This is why I have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to oppose any tax increase as your U.S. Senator. I have also signed the Coalition to Reduce Spending Pledge, to vote against any bill that increases the national debt.


Many Republicans have talked about reducing taxes, yet they continue to vote to increase spending and the annual deficit. I believe spending and taxes are two sides of a coin.  I will fight to reduce taxes and cut spending. We need a balanced budget now, as we can simply not afford to pass more debt down to our children. West Virginians deserve a representative that is committed to common sense, and who will not compromise these American principles with lobbyists.”

Pat McGeehan in his own words: “Regarding Sen. Cruz’s speech on the floor to defund Obamacare Pat McGeehan explained, “If I was in the U.S. Senate today, I would stand alongside Sen. Cruz and fight to defund Obamacare by doing everything possible to prevent Sen. Reid from funding the unpopular Obamacare.”

“West Virginia deserves a U.S. Senator who will stand with principles and not play party politics by sitting on the sidelines. It’s time for change in West Virginia; not career politicians,” stated McGeehan.”

He was also praised by Rep. Ron Paul for a book he wrote about fiscal conservatism:

The National Republican Liberty Caucus has also endorsed Pat McGeehan saying, ““Pat McGeehan is a constitutional conservative who will stand with Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in the United States Senate,” Butcher said. “His work during his time in the state legislature proves he is the conservative choice in this election.” (

LLPH is PROUD to endorse this TIGER Republican and work to send him to the US Senate in 2014! The establishment wants to continue electing people whose only difference from the Democrats is the R after their name. We won’t accept this anymore. Pat McGeehan will make a strong senator and will join the conservative ranks in congress.

Here’s his website and please help him here:

Let’s win in 2014!

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