LLPH Proudly Endorses Chris McDaniel (@CMForUSSenate) for #MSSEN #2014Elections! #TCOT #RedNationRising #MakeDCListen

“We had rabbits when we needed tigers.” — Ronald Reagan writing in his diary of congressional Republicans

LLPH-Endorsed Chris McDaniel (R-MS SEN CAND)

“Maybe we should learn to fight again, and I’m excited to be a part of it,” said McDaniel. “It’s going to be fun.”

LLPH is proud to endorse a true conservative to defeat one of the worst RINOs in the U.S. Senate. Chris McDaniel is primarying (or may be running for an open seat) against Senator Thad Cochran, who has actually not announced if he will be running again. Regardless, Chris McDaniel is the man we need in the United States Senate.

Senator Cochran is a good man but his priorities are in the wrong place. He has consistently voted against cutting foreign aid, voted against the Paul Budget, voted for debt ceiling increases and continuing resolutions of all kinds INCLUDING the pathetic, most recent deal voted upon last week. He voted to confirm radical Obama nominees including Samantha Power to be the UN Ambassador. He voted for VAWA, internet sales tax, the terrible Senate version of the Water Resources Development Act, the Senate Farm Bill, for alfalfa research, and the list goes on and on. He’s one of the top earmark senators and a wasteful spender of taxpayer dollars. One would think that he was the senator for New York or California by his actions and votes.

Now, let’s meet his conservative challenger, Chris McDaniel who has a fought for conservative values as a state representative: 

On States Rights: He has spoken out against overzealous federal mandates–a one-size-fits-all government approach–that hampers states abilities to best address the needs of their citizens.


In 2010, Chris sponsored Senate Concurrent Resolution 528 in the Mississippi Legislature to affirm “The fundamental principle and authority of state sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over certain powers and discouraging the federal government from imposing certain restrictive mandates.”


As your next United States Senator, Chris will fight for the State of Mississippi. He will fight for the rights of the individual, and he will fight for the Tenth Amendment.”
On 2nd Amendment/Liberty Issues: “Chris has fought for private property rights and to restrict the use of eminent domain. He introduced the Firearms Freedom Protection Act to protect against federal encroachment on Second Amendment rights. He has fought against government paternalism by sponsoring legislation to allow citizens to opt-out of requirements to provide personal and private information for use in a government database.” 
From the Club for Growth: ““Senator Chris McDaniel represents the next generation of conservative leadership that Mississippi Republicans are waiting for,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “In the State Senate, Chris McDaniel led Mississippi’s fight against ObamaCare, opposed harmful tax increases, and stood strong against the big spenders in Jackson. It’s no wonder his colleagues named him the leader of Mississippi’s conservatives in the Mississippi State Senate and we have no doubt he’ll be a leader in the fight for economic freedom in the United States Senate.” 
(Chris McDaniel has also been endorsed by the Senate Conservatives Fund and the Madison Project.)
Chris McDaniel’s record is well known in Mississippi as he has the endorsement of several LOCAL Tea Party groups including: Carroll/Leflore Tea Party, Vicksburg Tea Party, Hattiesburg Tea Party, Tupelo Tea Party, Gulf Coast Tea Party

Central MS Tea Party.
Chris McDaniel was featured in an article titled: “Who’s Jockeying to be the next Ted Cruz?”

“To call me the next Ted Cruz,” says Chris McDaniel, who announced last week that he would challenge Thad Cochran of Mississippi, the second-most-senior Republican in the Senate. “I would certainly consider that a compliment.”

McDaniel, who has been serving as a state senator since 2008, is exactly the type of candidate whom establishment Republicans have been worrying about, the kind who leads moderate-to-conservative lawmakers to dig their heels in with the right flank of their party so as not to be called wimpy. Within moments of announcing his candidacy, McDaniel earned the triple crown of conservative endorsements: one from the Club for Growth, one from the Senate Conservative Fund, and one from the Madison Project. He has criticized Cochran for voting in favor of the deal that reopened the government and raised the debt ceiling.

To McDaniel, the shutdown was not a mistake; the Republican leadership “lacks passion,” and he’s ready to come to D.C. to “do everything he can to put a stake in the heart of Obamacare.

LLPH is proud to endorse this fighter and looks forward to helping him join Senators Cruz, Lee, Paul, and others in the fight for our Liberty! He will be a true TIGER Republican…not a Rabbit one.

Here’s Chris McDaniel’s website and please help him as much as possible:

Let’s win in 2014!


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One Response to LLPH Proudly Endorses Chris McDaniel (@CMForUSSenate) for #MSSEN #2014Elections! #TCOT #RedNationRising #MakeDCListen

  1. taxed enough says:

    Chris is the real deal. He’s uniting the real conservatives in the party.

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