LLPH Endorses Dennis Linthicum (@DennisLinthicum) to Defeat #RINO Rep. Greg Walden in #OR02 #2014Elections! #TCOT #RedNationRising #MakeDCListen

“We had rabbits when we needed tigers.” — Ronald Reagan writing in his diary of congressional Republicans

Dennis Linthicum

LLPH Endorsed Dennis Linthicum (R-OR 02 CAND)

LLPH is proud to endorse strong conservative leader Dennis Linthicum to defeat the RINO Rep. Greg Walden in next year’s elections. 

Rep. Walden is a member of the GOP leadership and is a loyal foot soldier for the RINOs. He has voted against our civil liberties through his support for CISPA, NDAA, VAWA, and other unconstitutional legislation. His support for the debt ceiling increases and continuing resolutions and votes against the debt ceiling are a disgrace! 

We need new strong, conservative leadership…Dennis Linthicum will be a strong conservative in Congress:

On Civil Liberties: “America must protect individual liberties even as we focus on terrorism and our national defense.  Initiatives stemming from the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allow for the mass accumulation of personal data without suspicion or warrant. This is a clear violation of individual rights guaranteed by the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution. I will uphold the individual rights and liberties as guaranteed in our nation’s founding documents – the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

On Federal Reserve: “Lastly, Congress must restore a sound money policy and prevent the Federal Reserve from debasing the currency.”

On Education: “States, counties, local communities and concerned parents must regain control over education. Local communities, not Federal bureaucracies, can better manage relevant programs, and the people in your community are the best individuals for implementing innovation, creating competition, and ensuring educational choice. As parents, teachers and concerned citizens, we have to insist on the best education options for our kids and advocate for school choice. We can no longer be satisfied with the status quo, because the future of the next generation is at stake.”

On Energy Subsidies: “Subsidizing costly and inefficient energy production wastes resources because companies invest in a false promise and the tax-payer picks up the tab. Not only does this hinder individual freedom and prosperity, but it creates crony capitalism from which only large corporations benefit. Renewable energy is an essential quality of modern life, but there are more sustainable, less burdensome ways to accomplish this and encourage innovation in the marketplace.”

On Sanctity of Life: “I believe that life begins at conception. We hold in our children the gift of life – let us handle that gift carefully, from conception through adulthood. We must work to protect the helpless and innocent, and I will continually voice opposition to government funding for abortion procedures and fight to protect life at every stage.”

On National Defense: “The United States Constitution identifies national defense as the most critical function of the federal government. Our men and women in uniform are the best in the world, and I want to make sure that we treat their skills with the respect they deserve – therefore, our Armed Forces should be used when we are faced with threats to our national safety, such as active foreign aggression or invasion. The exclusive power of Congress to declare war must be respected. Executive reactions to imminent or perceived dangers must not be allowed to drag on without Congressional authorization.”

On 2nd Amendment: “Congress must halt the unconstitutional practice of restricting a person’s ability to purchase, transport, store, or possess arms on public lands or on that individual’s private property under the disguise of regulating interstate commerce or so-called concern for public health and safety. There are countless examples of responsible gun-owners stopping violence or protecting others through judicious use of firearms, and we should not keep Americans from protecting themselves and their loved ones, should the need arise.”

On Social Security/Medicare: “Young people, however, should be allowed to engage in alternative methods for planning for their own future and respective retirements, and not be shackled to a failing system.”

On Taxes: “Congress has damaged individual liberty and freedom through corrosive tax policies. Our federal tax policy is unsound because it is too complicated, too costly and unfortunately arbitrary.”

Klamath County Commissioner Linthicum also said that he is committed to Oregon’s interests first. “I’m not trying to climb a political ladder or gain power,” he said. “I have deep knowledge of the economic forces and environmental issues that Oregonians face, and an inspiring view of America that sees possibility and not liability, hope and not fear. I believe that ‘We the People’ can take on the Washington elites and that every person can make a difference. As part of that, I think I can bring a fresh Constitutional perspective and common-sense solutions to our concerns, that the voters of Oregon’s 2nd District will whole-heartedly support.”

LLPH believes that Dennis Linthicum will make a difference in congress as a new and strong conservative TIGER Republican who will fight the liberals of both parties. We are proud to endorse him today.

Visit his website and please help him as much as you can:

Let’s win in 2014! 

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