Great Local Support for Dean Young for Congress #AL01 (@YoungforAlabama)! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #RedNationRising

LLPH-Endorsed Dean Young has a lot of support for the upcoming election in Alabama’s 1st Congressional District on November 5, 2013!

Here’s what some of them have to say:

Jackie Hall Brothers I became a supporter of Dean Young when I found out that he was the only candidate supporting the Save the Mobile/Tensaw Delta grassroots effort to prevent Nationalizing our Delta, begun by Jo Bonner and others. Now we find out Bonner is not only endorsing but also financing Bradley Byrne. If Dean is elected he will stop the study by the Dept. of Interior. It’s a no brainer as to who to vote for.


Bree Turner I’m hoping & praying for a Dean Young landslide. I do not like Bradley Byrne and do not want him misrepresenting us.


ICan Fixit I can say you have three votes out of this family. Any friend of Roy Moore is someone I will support. Just dont change when you get up there with that brood of vipers. We need a leader who is hell bent on saving what is left of this Constitutional Republic and return us to being One Nation Under God.


Sharron Ladner Clover People, please vote for Mr. Young, there’s no more room for liars in DC. It’s a full house up there already, beginning with Obama!
We need a real live Republican to fill this Important seat. Byrne has always been a Democrat. He’s a Democrat in Sheepskin !!


Larry Richardson my vote is for dean young I voted in primary for you


Ellen Paine We saw Mayor Tony Kennon this evening at the AFRW Convention and he said Bradley’s add was despicable. He also told us earlier that Dean never lies and would take a bullet for ya. Now that says a lot for anyone let alone a politician!!! You have our full support Dean!!! GO DEAN!

LLPH is proud to support this great and strong conservative.

Visit his website here and please help him as much as possible:

Let’s win on November 5, 2013! 

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