LLPH Endorses Andrew Walter (@AndrewWalterCD9) for #AZ09 to Defeat Liberal Rep. Kyrsten Sinema in #2014Elections! #TCOT #MakeDCListen

“We had rabbits when we needed tigers.” — Ronald Reagan writing in his diary of congressional Republicans

LLPH Endorsed Andrew Walter (R-AZ 9 CAND)

Andrew Walter is a former ASU and NFL quarterback, not a career politician. He’s a businessman who understands how conservative values bring prosperity. He will fight for our freedom.

This seat, Arizona’s CD 9 is a swing district held by Liberal Democrat Rep. Kyrsten Sinema. She has voted in support of Obamacare and the NSA time and time again. She supports big government and holds an F- (6%) currently with LLPH. We need to change this seat into Republican hands, but not just any Republican…a true CONSERVATIVE!

On Fiscal Responsibility: “To lower the national debt, we need to decrease the size of government, cut spending across the board, and grow the economy.  Every agency in the government needs to do their share.  It’s time we pass a Balance Budget Amendment to the Constitution, which will force lawmakers to live within their means.  We also need to simplify the tax code by making it flatter and fairer, as well as repeal harmful regulations that penalize workers and reduce opportunities.  Doing this will grow the economy, create jobs, and increase the prosperity of hardworking families.”

Kyrsten Sinema opposed the RSC Budget, voted AGAINST most of the spending cuts LLPH scored from cutting aid for Pakistan to ending the sheep sheering program. Rep. Sinema is a big government liberal supporting the most recent debt ceiling increase and continuing resolution. Andrew Walter would be different.

On Energy Subsidies: “This country needs a common sense approach to domestic energy production, while promoting private sector research and development on alternative energy solutions that don’t include taxpayer subsidies and market dislocations.”

Rep. Sinema supports energy subsidies and has voted against the opportunities to cut the spending in the Department of Energy. She also opposes crop insurance and farm subsidy reforms.

On Foreign Policy: “I agree with the Reagan Doctrine of “Peace through strength.”  America needs the strongest military in the world.  However, I believe we should avoid military conflict at nearly all costs.  Only when our national security or national interests are directly threatened would I support military intervention.”

Rep. Sinema supported foreign aid to Pakistan and was wishy-washy during the debate on whether to intervene in Syria. Congress needs a strong proponent of national defense…not national offense. The United States does not need to police the world and Andrew Walter understands this.

On Debt Ceiling/CR:New fiscal debt deal doesn’t put in place spending limits. It suspends enforcement of current limit until Feb 7. #Reckless #HurtsFamilies

Rep. Sinema supported this reckless and fiscally irresponsible deal. Andrew Walter would have voted against this deal.

On 2nd Amendment:  “I believe in protecting the rights of responsible, law-abiding gun owners.  Our politicians will never be able to legislate into extinction the evil that exists in the human heart and in society writ large.  I reject the notion that restricting law-abiding citizen’s Second Amendment rights will somehow reduce violent crimes perpetrated by the law-breaker.”

Rep. Sinema…she voted for Nancy Pelosi for speaker and supports gun control.

On Liberty and NSA:  “One part to our nation’s greatness is knowing that you do not have to live in fear of your government. Yesterday, the House voted on an amendment to limit the Nation Security Agency’s ability to spy on law abiding citizens and their families. Disappointingly, it failed because of members like Kyrsten Sinema who support Washington-centered government programs. I refuse to accept this assault on liberty and pledge to stand up and fight against this gross overreach.”

Rep. Sinema voted with Nancy Pelosi to continue this government overreach. Even liberal Democrats like Reps. Conyers and Grayson supported the Amash Amendment to limit the NSA. Andrew Walter would vote to protect our liberties!

Andrew Walter will help shake up the Washington Establishment and bring true leadership to Washington D.C.!

Here’s his website and help him as much as you can:

Let’s win in 2014!

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