LLPH #SENATE KEY VOTES: #DEFUNDOBAMACARE Continuing Resolution Votes Tomorrow! #TCOT #DontFundIt #MakeDCListen

LLPH is issuing key vote alerts on 4 senate votes that the senate will be voting on TOMORROW at approximately 12: 30 P.M.:

First: Cloture Motion to End Debate on the Continuing Resolution

LLPH: STRONG NO VOTE URGED! We will weigh this vote very heavily in our scorecard. Cutting off debate and allowing the final CR to pass with a simple 51+ majority is wrong and no Republican should be voting in favor of this motion.

SECOND: Motion to Waive Budget Points of Order

LLPH: NO VOTE URGED! Democrats will then try to waive budget points of order which are made by conservatives who state that the Democrat bill is in violation of set spending levels. LLPH urges members to oppose the waiving of the point of order.

THIRD: Harry Reid’s Amendment CR-Takes out Defund Obamacare Provision

LLPH: STRONG NO VOTE URGED! Harry Reid will then proceed to strip the bill of the provisions that defund Obamacare, and also would substitute the bill with a lot of Democrat proposals and ideas. This amendment must be taken down.

FOURTH: Final Vote on CR

LLPH: Depending on what happens, but if Harry Reid successfully jumps over all of these blocks and gets his amendment added, LLPH will urge a STRONG NO VOTE on the final Continuing resolution and will likely weigh this heavily in our scorecard. 

We must defund Obamacare, and this bill likely will return to the House where we will urge them to bring the bill down if there is no defunding of Obamacare. It is time to put up or shut up. It is time to FIGHT BACK! 

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