#Conservatives Oppose RINO Debt Ceiling Plan! #CutSpending #TCOT

From National Journal:

“We shouldn’t even be talking about the debt-ceiling until we get [the Senate] to vote on a good CR for America,” fumed Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, who plans to vote against the debt-ceiling bill when it hits the floor, which could happen as soon as Friday.
Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama said he was undecided on the debt-limit package, even though “it definitely has a lot of goodies in it.” Brooks added: “It does not cut spending and does not solve the problem.”
Asked if it could pass the House, Brooks replied, “In my judgment, no.”

Link: http://mobile.nationaljournal.com/congress/republicans-not-sold-on-boehner-s-debt-ceiling-plan-20130926

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