LLPH Endorses Elaine Hays for #Congress #TX13 to Defeat #RINO Rep. Mac Thornberry! #TCOT #2014Elections #House

“We had rabbits when we needed tigers.” — Ronald Reagan writing in his diary of congressional Republicans

Elaine Hays

LLPH-Endorsed Elaine Hays (R)

Rabbit Republicans are the problem in Congress. Rep. Mac Thornberry is one of these Rabbits who gives in and surrenders before the fight. Texas is the state that has sent conservative fighting leaders like LLPH-Endorsed Rep. Gohmert, Senator Cruz, Rep. Stockman, but Texas 13th Congressional District has sent RINO Mac Thornberry to congress since 1995 (over 15 years)! Rep. Thornberry has failed to fight and it is time to bring him home and replace him with a new, fresh conservative.

Let’s first review Mr. Thornberry’s record so far this 113th Congress:

He voted for the 3-month debt ceiling increase without any spending cuts. He supported the fiscal cliff deal made earlier in the year. He was a strong supporter of CISPA, the Patriot Act, government surveillance, and opposed the Amash NSA amendment which would have stopped spying on US citizens. He loves farm subsidies and crop insurance, preferring to rack up our debt than cut some spending. He has never voted to cut wasteful programs at the Pentagon, even though these programs have nothing to do with protecting US citizens (such as foreign aid for Pakistan, the Afghan Infrastructure Fund, etc.) He votes for all sorts of continuing resolutions, is a loyal member and follower of John Boehner, and supports big government suspension bills. In the end, his voting record is a national disgrace, earning him a failing grade of 43% so far on our scorecard.

Now, let’s meet his challenger…Elaine Hays:

Why is she running?

I am running because it’s time we had leadership that will make the tough choices to cut spending, that will not stand idly by on the issue of entitlement reform, and that will fight from the front lines to defend our Constitutional freedoms. In the 20 years since we sent the current incumbent to Congress, the debt has gone up, and confidence in government has gone down. Trust has plummeted with revelations of privacy violations and agencies targeting citizens based on ideology. It is time for our elected representatives to lead by example, to apply tough reforms to themselves, before asking it of the American people.


It’s time to replace our current representation because we shouldn’t expect much to change if we keep sending the same people back to Washington year after year. If elected, I am positive that I could do more with the opportunity.

Cutting Spending: 

To balance the budget, we don’t have to give up everything forever, but some things for a certain period of time. It also means that we have to make real cuts, and not artificial manipulation of the numbers.

 Unlike Mac Thornberry who only wants to slow the rate of growth.
Against Subsidizing Energy Industries: 
Cheap energy has driven the US economy for decades.  Fossil fuels still remain our main energy source, and although it is prudent to research and develop alternative sources, renewable energy such as wind and solar are still extremely costly and require massive subsidies.  In addition, the EPA’s attempt to unilaterally regulate greenhouse gases will continue to stifle our economy, while doing little to positively impact the environment, as projected even by their own research.
Mac Thornberry has voted for farm and energy subsidies…he clearly doesn’t understand the need to cut spending.
On immigration:
Opposition to illegal immigration is not to be confused with opposition to immigration. Previous attempts at immigration reform have failed because a key aspect, securing the borders, has never been prioritized. Until we properly secure points of entry into the country, any reform will only attract additional illegal immigration.
She has also stated that she would have supported the Amash Amendment to stop unconstitutional spying on citizens.
In Closing: 

Elaine Hays is a Certified Financial Planner, author, proud mother and wife, and a committed conservative running for Congress to return America to sound fiscal and economic policies.


Elaine will go to Congress to fight debt and reckless economic policies that are undermining the incentive to work and slowly destroying the economy. Hays supports term limits for office holders and reforming congressional pensions to be more in line with the private sector. She will also work to ensure that elected officials are not exempt from the laws they pass.

LLPH is PROUD to Endorse Elain Hays to be the next congressman from Texas Congressional District 13!

Visit her website and help her out here:

Let’s win in 2014 and continue forming a CONSERVATIVE majority…because a Republican majority is not enough. 

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