LLPH Announces Dual-Endorsement in #AL01 Congressional Race, @QuinforCongress is Our FIRST Choice! #TCOT #Conservative

LLPH announces a dual-endorsement today for the Alabama Congressional Race in the 1st District that will be held this upcoming Tuesday (September 24, 2013).

It has always been LLPH’s intention to endorse only one candidate per race, but sometimes we are unable to due to two superb and truly conservative candidates.

Quin Hillyer and Dean Young would both be strong voices in the United States Congress for CONSERVATIVE values and will stand up against not just the liberal Democrats, but also the RINO establishment. We do have a first choice in this race though.

Our FIRST Choice: Quin Hillyer:

I have had the honor of being in contact with Mr. Hillyer. He truly understands the Constitution, opposes the bailouts/TARP, will fight for true spending cuts in the debt ceiling increases, supports defunding Obamacare, and will stand up for the sanctity of life.

An author for the American Spectator, Mr. Hillyer has over a decade worth of writing that shows his understanding that being a Republican is not just about having an (R) after your name…it MUST mean something. Being a Republican means fighting for CONSERVATIVE values! 

From Mark Levin:

“Quin Hillyer would be a tremendous member of congress,” Levin said. “He’s smart. He’s a constitutionalist. He’s a decent human being. I cannot support him strongly enough. So if you live in that area, turnout is everything in these special elections… I hope you will give serious consideration to my buddy Quin Hillyer. He’s absolutely terrific.”

Erick Erickson, Morton Blackwell, Citizens United PVF, and many other conservative leaders have endorsed Quin Hillyer. He is our first preference in this race and we hope that he will win this seat for conservatives.

Here’s his website:


Our Second Choice: Dean Young:

Dean Young deserves an endorsement. He ran in the primary against RINO Retired Rep. Jo Bonner and has stated that he will not support Speaker Boehner for speaker of the 114th Congress. He would be a tireless advocate for conservative principles, and we can just see him leading the fight in congress. Should he win, we would be honored to support him to represent this great district. He has fought at a local level against new taxes, showing leadership even when many politicians in his district opposed him.

Here’s his website:

LLPH endorses both candidates and wishes them victory in this race! Let’s win this seat for LIBERTY! 

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