KEY VOTE: “NO” on #Syria Intervention (Senate & House) #DontAttackSyria #NoWarWithSyria!


LLPH strongly opposes any intervention into the Syrian conflict and will key vote against the resolutions that allow for strikes and bombing of Syria.

While we sympathize with the innocent people who have lost their lives at the hands of the evil regime of President Assad, the United States cannot and should not be the world police. Thousands die in Iran, China, Russia, Cuba, and other abusers of freedom, but the United States cannot afford to go into every country that abuses their people. We must focus on protecting our own national defense first.

Furthermore, we must oppose any and all of these Syrian intervention resolutions because we do not know who the opposition is. For example, there are videos of the Syrian opposition and rebels eating the hearts of Assad’s people, beheading and mutilating many innocents, and burning churches (killing many Christians as well). We cannot in good conscience support a resolution that would support the Syrian opposition, even as bad and evil as Assad is.

Our friends at Freedomworks stated this:

Other than training dubious partners in Syria (conservatively estimated to cost $500 million) other more aggressive options would likely cost at least $1 billion per month. In Gen. Martin Dempsey’s words, “limited stand-off strikes” to degrade the Assad military, would require “hundreds of aircraft, ships, submarines, and other enablers” with the costs running into the billions.

Worse, history has shown that civil wars prove particularly resistant to outside solutions. America’s costs are unlikely to stay limited, because this conflict exceeds our ability to control the situation on the ground. Once limited strikes fail to deter Assad or tip the scales in favor of a shadowy opposition, advocates for more extensive U.S. involvement will undoubtedly call for more blood and treasure.

LLPH will weigh any Syrian intervention resolution heavily and will score against these resolutions. We reserve the right to score for/against amendments (for amendments that limit intervention, against amendments increasing intervention), as well as procedural votes (although this is unlikely). But the final votes on these resolutions will definitely be weighed 5 points (our maximum per votes). We STRONGLY URGE A “NO” VOTE!

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  1. Stop war on Syria Stop war on Syria Stop war on Syria Stop war on Syria

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