#SurrenderCaucus Member: #TN08 Rep. Stephen Fincher Opposes #DefundObamacare Efforts! #TCOT #DontFundIt

Another member of the surrender caucus stated his hesitancy at using the CR to defund Obamacare:

And Fincher, who spoke before a packed house at the Great Hall of Germantown, urged caution regarding a proposal by some Republicans to force a shutdown of the government rather than allow the funding of Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act)..

“If we do a CR [Continuing Resolution] without Obamacare, [Senate Democratic Leader] Harry Reid is going to put it right back in and sent it back to the House,” Fincher said.

Then, after asking for a show of hands over the proposition that “the President will be right back on campaign trail, and IRS scandals and Benghazi and all that will be swept under the rug, and he will use this to keep control of the Senate in 2014,” Fincher said, “I think that’s what’ll happen….I think he’s baiting us, he’s trying to divide us.” The congressman advocated instead a strategy of delaying the onset of aspects of Obamacare.



LLPH hopes that Rep. Fincher will change his mind and stand with true conservatives for a full defunding of Obamacare! 

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