#SurrenderCaucus-#AL03 @RepMikeRogersAL Opposes #DefundObamacare Efforts! #TCOT #DontFundIt

Another member of the Surrender Caucus announced his opposition to efforts to defund Obamacare. Like many of his fellow Republicans, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL 3) only is willing to fight Obamacare with symbolic votes but refuses to be strong and oppose it when it really matters.

Here’s what was reported by the Annistonstar:

OXFORD – Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Saks, said Friday he won’t support a plan by some congressional Republicans to shut down the federal government in order to stop the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

That is, unless Congress can find a way to do a federal shutdown and still give paychecks to soldiers in Afghanistan.
“If you shut down the government, it shuts down their pay,” Rogers said.
Rogers spoke to a crowd of about 100 local residents in a mid-afternoon town hall meeting at the Oxford Civic Center. 
Still, he said he wouldn’t approve a shutdown without a provision protecting soldiers’ pay. The military has been funded in past shutdowns – it’s regarded as an essential service – but Rogers said paychecks for soldiers in the field would likely stop if a shutdown happened. 

Some in the audience pressed Rogers to support the shutdown anyway.
“Why would it not be President Obama’s fault?” asked one audience member. Another said soldiers’ pay would only be delayed, not lost altogether. 
Rogers responded that he wanted soldiers to get paid – and that the press would blame Congress for the shutdown no matter who was at fault. 


It’s quite obvious to LLPH that a lot of Rep. Rogers’ constituents want him to DEFUND OBAMACARE. We encourage him to do the right thing and join with conservatives to defund this law in the upcoming continuing resolution! 

Visit our running list of leaders vs. surrenderers here: http://wp.me/P2Cj2e-Df

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