#GA03 Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (@RepWestmoreland) Supports #DefundObamacare in CR! #TCOT #DontFundIt

Thomaston Times - The price to pay for ObamaCare

LLPH applauds Rep. Westmoreland for his strong statement in support of defunding Obamacare. Rep. Westmoreland wrote an op-ed in which he stated:

“That’s why we must repeal ObamaCare and I will not vote for any continuing resolution or debt ceiling increase that does not defund this law,” said Westmoreland. “The president needs to admit this law is a failure and needs to work with Republicans to repeal ObamaCare, and replace it with common sense reforms that will keep healthcare affordable and accessible to all Americans.”



LLPH applauds Rep. Westmoreland for his strong stance and encourages him to match his actions with his votes. He has voted in favor of quite a few CRs in the past, so this is a pleasant reversal that we hope he will be consistent with.

Visit our running list of members wanting to defund as well as opposing to defund here: http://wp.me/P2Cj2e-Df

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