LLPH Endorses Bryan Smith (@BryanSmithID2) for Congress to Defeat #RINO Rep. Mike Simpson! #ID02 #TCOT

“We had rabbits when we needed tigers.” — Ronald Reagan writing in his diary of congressional Republicans


LLPH Endorsed Bryan Smith (R CAND-ID 02)

LLPH is proud to announce our second candidate endorsement for 2014! This candidate has been endorsed by leading conservative groups and leaders like the Club for Growth and RedState’s Erick Erickson. Bryan Smith is this candidate, and he is running to defeat RINO Rep. Mike Simpson in 2014. 

Bryan Smith is clearly well-versed in Rep. Simpson’s failing record stating:

Liberal, career politician Mike Simpson is out of touch with the people of Idaho and the second congressional district. Too often, Simpson is the “odd man out” in the Idaho congressional delegation also voting for the earlier, most liberal version of the Farm Bill this past May (H.R. 1947, S. 954). Simpson was again the “odd man out” of the Republican delegation when he voted for Obama’s infamous “Cash for Clunkers” program (RC #682, RC #270).

Let us add a few more notes about Rep. Simpson’s pathetic votes:

-Voted in favor of 3-month debt ceiling increase (RC #30-2013)

-Voted in favor of CISPA (unconstitutional internet regulation) (RC #117)

-Voted against all spending cut opportunities as of end of July 2013-has a 0% on our spending cut scorecard.

-Voted against Amash Amendment that would have stopped the blanket collection of telephone records (RC #412-2013)

-Refuses to fight to Defund Obamacare in Continuing Resolution so far.

And the list goes on and on and on. Defeating Rep. Simpson would send a strong message to the Washington GOP Establishment that we refuse to take this kind of behavior and pathetic votes any longer.

Bryan Smith would be a fresh voice. Just read some of his positions on the issues (very specific on how he would have voted differently than Rep. Simpson):

I will not support ANY tax increase as a member of Congress and would not have supported the fiscal cliff deal passed by Congress this year that raised our taxes by $600 billion. I believe taxes are already too high. I support lowering taxes on families, individuals and job creators.


I oppose increasing the debt limit without implementing substantial spending cuts. For too long, we have mortgaged our future by increasing the debt limit to pay for bail outs, government-run health care, the failed stimulus, and a host of other wasteful programs.


He believes the departure from these Idahoan principles have created an overreaching federal government that now dictates nearly every aspect of our lives, from the type of light bulbs we buy to the amount of water we use in the shower. Bryan is running for U.S. Congress to bring fundamental Idahoan values to Washington.

LLPH is proud to endorse Bryan Smith for 2014 and will work hard to encourage Idaho voters to send a new leader with fresh ideas to Washington D.C.!

Visit his campaign website here:

Let’s Win in 2014!

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