Reps. Lou Barletta & Scott Perry (R-PA) to Stand for Rule of Law! #NoAmnesty #TCOT

From Breitbart: 

The event here in Richmond was the first in a series of five the coalition of NumbersUSA, Eagle Forum, Tea Party Patriots, Remembrance Project and others have planned throughout the August congressional recess. The next stop on the so-called “Stop Amnesty Tour” is in Harrisburg, PA, next Monday. Future events, for which details have not been finalized, are scheduled to take place in Ohio, Texas and South Carolina. According to a couple of the organizers at the Richmond event, there is some optimism for a bigger crowd and impact with the upcoming Harrisburg, PA, event next week because two local congressmen, Reps. Lou Barletta (R-PA) and Scott Perry (R-PA), both of whom oppose amnesty efforts, are rumored to be throwing their weight behind that Stop Amnesty Tour stop.

Thank you to both Rep. Barletta and Perry. We encourage more representatives to stand for secure borders before granting citizenship to illegal immigrants. Let us be clear: we DO NOT oppose citizenship for illegal immigrants. What we do oppose is ANY citizenship for them until our borders are secure.

We will score negatively any and all of these piecemeal immigration bills that will be voted in the House of Representatives. Rule of law first…period! 

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