@RepJeffDuncan (R-SC 3) Will #DefundObamacare in #ContinuingResolution! #Dontfundit #TCOT

Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC 3) posted the following on his Facebook page: 
The President has decided to delay another provision in ObamaCare, even though the law doesn’t give him the authority to do that. Well I’ve had it, Mr. President, when the spending resolution comes up for a vote in September, I will vote to fully fund the federal government, but I will not vote to fund ObamaCare. If you want to shut down the government over funding ObamaCare, that’s on you. Republicans didn’t vote for ObamaCare, so why should we be expected to vote to fund it?

This is perfect and LLPH hopes more conservatives will make this same commitment to NOT fund Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution this fall. We hope the GOP leadership will listen to leaders like Rep. Duncan and follow his lead. 

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