#StudentSuccess #Act #Amendments Update Made In Order! #TCOT

Amendments To Watch in Today’s Student Success Act Debate: 

#3: Cardenas (D-CA): #51-Revised Increases the authorized funding level to $775,000,000 until FY 2019. (NO)

#4-Luetkemeyer (R-MO): #32: Expresses the sense of the Congress that States and local education agencies should maintain the rights and responsibilities of determining curriculum and assessments for elementary and secondary education. (Lean YES)

#6-Bentivolio (R-MI): #58: Requires State educational agencies to consult with private sector employers and entrepreneurs as part of its education plan. It also requires the Secretary to have representatives from private sector employers appointed to the peer-review process by reducing practitioners from 75 percent to 65 percent. (Lean YES)

#11-Schock (R-IL) and Meehan (R-PA):#44: Ensures that greater authority and governance are restored to local educational agencies as delegated by their States. It also ensures that the Secretary of Education does not impose any additional requirements or burdens on local educational agencies unless explicitly authorized by federal law. (Lean YES)

#12-Scalise (R-LA): #67: Late States that under Title II in H.R. 5, there would be no federal mandate for States to conduct teacher evaluations. (YES)

#14-Bishop (R-UT): #76: Late Eliminates Subsection C of Section 2111, which allows grant money to bypass states and go directly from the Department of Education to local districts. (YES)

#16-Brooks (R-IN) and Polis (D-CO): #5: Clarifies that federal funds may be used for computer science education. (Lean NO)

#17-Polis (D-CO) and Petri (R-WI): #25: Allows charter schools to use grant funds for teacher preparation, professional development, and improving school conditions; ensures that charter schools expand outreach to low-income and underserved populations. (Lean YES) 

#19-Mullin (R-OK): #65: Late Revised Strikes language in the bill that allows consolidated districts to be eligible for payment if they do not qualify after consolidation; strikes language allowing for mid-year adjustment for student counts; makes the 8007 Construction Program a competitive grant program. (Lean YES)

#20-Garrett (R-NJ): #18: Clarifies that states that opt out of receiving funds, or are not awarded funds, under this Act are not required to carry out any of the requirements of the programs under this Act. The amendment also clarifies that states are not required to participate in any program under this Act. (YES)

#21: Broun (R-GA): #21: Revised Requires the Secretary of Education to include in their report to Congress the average salary of employees who were determined to be associated with eliminated or consolidated programs or projects by the underlying legislation and a report on the average salaries of the employees of the Department according to their job function. (Lean YES)

 #22-Culberson (R-TX): #39: Revised Empowers States by giving them the opportunity to accept or reject federal grant money. Grant money rejected by State legislatures would be dedicated to paying off our outstanding national debt. (YES)

#25-Cantor (R-VA) and Bishop (R-UT): #30: Cantor (R-VA) and Bishop (R-UT): Allows Title I funds to follow students to other public schools or charter schools, upon the state opting to allow it. (Lean YES)

LLPH reserves the right to score any of these amendments in our scorecard in accordance with our positions. 

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