Thank you Rep. Stutzman (R-IN) for Voting NO on #FarmBill! #CutSpending #WeWantCutsNow

LLPH Thanks Rep. Stutzman for his vote against the Farm Bill and encourages him to continue holding his ground with fellow conservatives in and out of congress against massive and wasteful spending by both parties.

Stutzman Votes Against Farm Bill: “Hoosiers Sent Me Here to Change the Way Washington Works”

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Marlin Stutzman, a fourth-generation farmer from Indiana, issued the following statement after the House rejected the Farm Bill today by a vote of 195-234.
“Hoosiers sent me here to change the way Washington works and I’m pleased that my colleagues have joined me in rejecting the old path of business as usual. While it might have been called a ‘Farm Bill,’ the American people understand that it was anything but. This trillion dollar spending bill is too big and would have passed welfare policy on the backs of farmers.
“As a fourth-generation farmer, I know first-hand how important the Farm Bill is for farmers but I also know that farm policy and food stamp policy are different. That’s why I am renewing my calls for Congress to have an up-or-down vote to split the Farm Bill into a true, farm-only Farm Bill and a separate food stamp bill. Separate consideration of these policies will allow us to forge ahead with real solutions and reform instead of repeating the mistakes of the past. Let’s get to work.”
Earlier this week, Congressman Stutzman filed amendments with the House Rules Committee to split the Farm Bill into separate bills on farm and food stamp policy. The amendments were not made in order by the Committee.

Congressman Stutzman was one of four Republicans to vote against the rule to bring the Farm Bill to the floor.

Link to Statement:

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