The Libertarian Case AGAINST Mandatory GMO Labeling

“The federal government lacks constitutional authority to mandate labeling of products containing genetically-modified food. Furthermore, those who do not wish to consume genetically-modified products should be leery of federally-mandated labeling because history shows that federal regulatory agencies are susceptible to ‘capture,’ where the regulators end up serving the interest of the business they are supposed to control. In the case of labeling, federal agencies could redefine the meaning of ‘modified’ to allow genetically-engineered food on the market without fully-informing consumers of the presence of genetically- engineered ingredients. Instead of federal regulation, consumers should demand that manufactures provide full information and refuse to buy those products that are not fully labeled. Once producers see there is a demand for non-genetically-engineered products they will act to fulfill that demand. Of course, makers of genetically-engineered food should be held legally responsible if they fraudulently market their products or harm anyone.” —Former Rep. Ron Paul

Libertarians (and Conservatives too) should be AGAINST this mandatory GMO labeling. Whatever happened to our belief in the FREE MARKET?

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One Response to The Libertarian Case AGAINST Mandatory GMO Labeling

  1. kirkedavid says:

    Unfortunately, many people still don’t know what GMO means. The “capture” he talks about already happens and is the exact reason why labeling is not practiced. How do you propose to make consumers more aware of the issue? I think a citizen-led alteration of FDA policy is the best course of action right now for this issue.

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