What Conservatives Say About Jason Smith (R CAND-Missouri 8)

Elect Jason Smith

LLPH has already proudly recommended Jason Smith to be elected the next representative of Missouri’s 8th Congressional District. While unsure about some of his positions, we are confident that he will at the very least be a strong, second-tier conservative…maybe even stronger.

Here’s what some of our close conservative allies are saying about him:

Governor Sarah Palin:

Jason has worked tirelessly to build on the foundation of his humble beginnings and is a responsible and respected leader in the Show Me State. In Washington DC, Jason will maintain that innate sense of his community and will bring his commonsense conservatism to the halls of Congress. Jason recognizes that government is the problem, not the solution. He will protect our 2nd Amendment rights and work to promote a culture of life. We must all work together to send Mr. Smith to Washington on June 4th.

Former Missouri Senate Candidate Sarah Steelman:


Sarah Steelman throws her support behind Jason Smith in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District. She calls the Republican nominee a ‘steadfast conservative’. Steelman lauds Smith for understanding that DC is broken and for recognizing the government has a spending problem. Steelman predicts Smith will stand up to the EPA and fight for freedom if elected. Steelman ensures listeners that Jason Smith is a defender of our Constitution. She urges enthusiastic support for his campaign.

Tea Party Express and Chairman Amy Kremer:

Jason is a promising young conservative who will bring fiscal responsibility to Washington, D.C. Tea Partiers across the country applaud his commitment to repealing Obamacare and reining in the federal government’s out-of-control spending.

More here: http://www.teapartyexpress.org/6670/tea-party-express-endorses-jason-smith-in-mo-8

Conservative Campaign Committee:

Jason Smith has a proven record in the Missouri State Legislature of fighting against higher taxes, and wasteful government spending.  Jason Smith has been a strong advocate for our constitutional liberties.


That’s why the National Rifle Association, the National Federation of Independent Business, the National Right to Life Association and the Conservative Campaign Committee all endorse conservative Republican Jason Smith for Congress.

Please help us make sure that Jason Smith wins this race – and that Nancy Pelosi is denied another vote to become House Speaker.

Read more here: http://go.alpha.mailsquadron.com/l/a/l9i/rd/5–/_/bcs/trouble.htm

On June 4, 2013, conservatives must send a true conservative like Jason Smith to the United States Congress! This is a great opportunity as we will be taking a seat from a pro-bailouts, TARP, stem-cell research Jo Ann Emerson and giving the seat to a stronger fiscal and pro-life conservative like Jason Smith.

Visit his website here: http://www.electjasonsmith.com/

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