Review of the Past Week: Week of 5/13/13

Review of the Past Week: This past week, the House of Representatives passed the National Blue Alert Act of 2013 which will cost the Department of Justice more than $10 million. This should be a local issue and we were disappointed that it passed. Only 2 representatives, Representatives Amash and Masie voted no. We scored this vote.


Also, the Home for Heroes Act came before the House floor. We decided not to score the vote after learning that the bill does not create a new program (unlike the bill last year), it simply moves an office from the Department of Veterans Affairs to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. We still believe this bill is wrong because our goal is to eliminate the Department of HUD, but we decided this bill was not as huge of an infringement of LLPH principles as we originally thought. Three good congressman voted against it though: Reps. Amash, Broun, and Rokita.


Finally, the House passed a repeal of Obamacare with all Republicans voting yes and two Democrats (Reps. McIntyre and Matheson) joined in repealing this horrible law. While we applaud their efforts, the true test will be whether Republicans will fight to defund this law using the debt ceiling vote. We will see if they truly have the spines that we wish they had.

The Senate meanwhile passed the unconstitutional Water Resources Development Act which funds programs that should be given to the states. It costs more than $100 billion and again…where in the Constitution is this authorized? We scored several votes concerning this issue and it shamefully passed with only 14 “nos”. That was the main issue this past week.

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