LLPH Slams GOP for Including Debt Increase in Full Faith and Credit Act!

They changed a good bill into a bad one. Shame on them.

House Leadership gave their blessing to RINO Chairman Camp to change the originally good Full Faith and Credit Act into a bill that allows the Treasury to acquire new debt for certain “priorities”. 

LLPH: “House leadership has once again shown that they are failing to exercise conservative principles by once again changing good bills into bad bills. At the end of the first part of this session, we will display the number of times they changed good bills into bad ones. Shame on them.” 


Changed in Committee:

RINO Chairman Camp of Ways and Means Committee (he led the charge to change the bill)

“The amendment before the Committee today also removes the potential obstacle of Treasury’s supposed inability to make debt payments before other obligations once the debt limit has been reached.  Despite the fact that then-Treasury Secretary Geithner was prepared to prioritize debt payments in the summer of 2011, there has been some confusion as to whether or not the Treasury Secretary had the authority or the ability to enact such a plan.  By requiring Treasury to issue debt to make these payments, this legislation provides an ironclad plan to avoid the risk of default going forward.”

The Hill:

“The bill would give the Treasury Department the ability to borrow above the limit to cover bond and Social Security payments.”

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The Failure of the House leadership to require that any additional debt be paid off is a sad thing. We are forced to object to the bill for this reason. Increasing our debt and not paying it off is clearly irresponsible. This is a stealth debt increase in the words of our friends Rep. Amash and Massie.

Rep. Massie:

It’s not enough to simply read the bill (H.R. 807). You also have to figure out what it actually does. This bill was only one page, but I had to burn the midnight oil to fully understand it.

If anybody wants to say I’m wrong on this bill, let’s compare proofs. This bill increases the debt limit, QED.

Rep. Amash:

It is an honor to serve with Congressman Thomas Massie. We read the amended Full Faith and Credit Act (H R 807). We graphed it (his graphs were more impressive). And we came to the same conclusion: It’s a stealth debt limit increase.

Only 8 Republicans voted against this bill (all Democrats voted against it, but that was because they don’t want to prioritize our obligations…so they did it for liberal reasons):

Rep. Amash, Massie, Jones, Wolf, Dent, Gibson, Grimm, and LoBiondo.

Note: Some of these GOP members may have also voted against it for liberal reasons. Looking at some of these names, quite a few are regular RINOs. Reps. Amash, Massie, and Jones are the only ones that I am positive that they voted against it for the correct reasons. 

Here’s the link:

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