LLPH Endorsed Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL 6) Opposes Internet Tax!

A great man and a true leader. We thank Congressman DeSantis and encourage him to keep fighting against this new potential massive tax: 
Yesterday, the U.S. Senate passed an internet sales tax known as the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act. I am not sure whether this will be considered in the House but I do know that I will oppose it if the House does, in fact, take it up.

The internet sales tax hurts consumers, creates outrageous compliance requirements for small internet-based businesses (there are roughly 9,600 different taxing jurisdictions in the U.S.), exposes small businesses to out-of-state tax audits (as well as audits by Indian tribes), and bails out state and local officials from their failure to enforce state use taxes.

Some say this is needed to protect brick-and-mortar businesses from unfair competition from companies such as Amazon, but Amazon and virtually every big business is supportive of the tax, as the tax and the related compliance costs will make it more difficult for small web-based businesses to compete with the likes of Amazon.

Given the fact that the founding of our nation grew out of a revolt against taxation without representation, it is extremely distressing that 69 U.S. Senators had no problem forcing small businesses to collect taxes for states in which they have no physical presence and thus no way to hold elected officials accountable. This bill creates the precedent for politicians to shift more and more tax and regulatory burdens to out-of-state businesses, thereby immunizing themselves from the political costs associated with their actions.

Why would any small business in Florida want to be the tax collector for the bloated welfare state of California or Illinois?

Keep fighting Congressman! 
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