Beaufort Gazette Endorses Governor Mark Sanford for SC CD 1! Vote TUESDAY!

Read this great reasoning on why Sanford is the right man for the job. 

Colbert Busch’s lack of elective office experience leaves us little with which to gauge what she would do in Congress. Her campaign positions her as a moderate, but her inability or unwillingness to speak to the issues in any kind of detail leaves us scratching our heads. There is too much at stake simply to accept what she says on faith.

We agree with Sanford that this country needs to get its fiscal house in order. While governor, Sanford warned early and often about the problems South Carolina would face with an inadequately funded state pension system and an outlook on potential returns that was too optimistic. He was proved right. He was right, too, that lawmakers needed to wean themselves from setting up long-term programs with one-time money during good times and raiding state reserves when times were bad.

He wants a fairer, flatter and simpler tax structure. He is critical of government giveaways to lure industry to the state, which can turn into ever-spiraling corporate welfare as states compete with one another. He also wants a more predictable regulatory environment.

Importantly to the 1st District, Sanford has long recognized the value of our natural resources. One of his legacies as governor is the creation of the S.C. Conservation Bank, which has preserved tens of thousands of acres of critical habitat, much of it along the coast.

Sanford has long had an independent streak. He voted against funding for dredging Charleston Harbor because he did not like the way it would be paid for. Principled stands can help us move the federal government in the direction it needs to go. The status quo won’t do.


Here’s the link to the article:

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