To Prove a Point: Massachusetts Senate Primary Tonight: Vote Mike Sullivan!

From Red Racing Horses:

The candidate best positioned to upset Sullivan is Gabriel Gomez, a former Navy SEAL and 2003 candidate for Cohasset Selectman. Gomez’s personal wealth, lack of any real issue positions, and tenuous grasp of the Spanish language have made him a favorite of party insiders. On the other hand, most grassroots Republican activists have written Gomez off over his letter to Gov. Deval Patrick (D), in which he sought the interim Senate appointment by pledging to support Obama’s agenda. Since then, Gomez’s campaign has ignored that issue and focused on setting the world record for the largest number of different ways of stating “I am not a politician.” 

I didn’t agree with Former Senator Scott Brown on every vote he took, but I respected him in that I knew that he voted his conscience and what he believed was right. It is clear that Mr. Gomez does not have that kind of integrity and that is why we are encouraging a vote for Mr. Sullivan. With 2 hours to go, we hope that Massachusetts voters will vote for Sullivan for Senate!

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