Debt Ceiling Increase 1: Thanks Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN 4)!


Representative Scott DesJarlais

LLPH would like to thank Rep. DesJarlais (R-TN 4) for standing for fiscal sanity and responsibility by voting against raising the debt ceiling without spending cuts. While some people may claim that conservatives are “holding hostage” the debt ceiling, the fact is that if we don’t hold it hostage…spending cuts will never be talked about. I’ve had enough personally of hearing that “we will get to it later” on spending cuts because the Congress never does.

Here is Rep. DesJarlais’ statement from a press release:

“I have made my position clear from the beginning: Any increase in the debt limit needs to be offset with an equal amount of spending cuts. Unfortunately, today’s legislation did not contain a single spending cut or reform in return for giving this president an open-ended  three month debt limit increase. At this administration’s spending levels that would mean an extra $250 billion of new debt.


“The debt crisis we have been warned about is here. The time for action has to be now. President Obama made it clear that he has no problem spending this nation into bankruptcy and the Democratic-controlled Senate has not passed a budget in four years. If House Republicans do not force the federal government to put an end to the deficits, who will?


“I was given a clear mandate by my constituents to shrink the size of government and put this nation back on a sustainable fiscal path. I have and will continue to fight to meet these expectations.”

We thank Rep. DesJarlais for those fine words. Let us make it clear: Any future debt ceiling increases without any true spending cuts will be a violation of LLPH principles…period.

Here is the link to his press release:

Here is the link to the roll call vote (nay was preferred):

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