Debt Ceiling Increase 1: Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS 1) Continues Fight for Fiscal Sanity!

Representative Tim Huelskamp

LLPH thanks Rep. Tim Huelskamp, one of our favorite conservatives because of his strong and consistent voice, for voting against raising the debt ceiling for three months without any true spending cuts. While we did NOT score an official vote against this bill due to the No Budget, No Pay component, we promise to score strong votes against raising the debt ceiling without any true spending cuts in the future. 

January 23, 2013

Huelskamp Opposes Debt Limit Increase, but Encouraged by Leadership Commitments

(WASHINGTON) – On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed legislation to remove temporarily the nation’s debt limit and to allow the U.S. Treasury to borrow unlimited funds to cover obligations through May 18, 2013. Congressman Tim Huelskamp, who opposed lifting the debt limit without any spending cuts, issued the following statement about his vote and Republican leadership promises for the future:


“I cannot support an increase in the debt limit without any spending cuts. But, the irresponsible Senate Democrats have not passed a budget for 1,365 days, and President Obama has refused to provide any solutions to Washington’s overspending problem. So, House Republicans have been left to provide the only fiscal leadership in our nation’s capital. While voting No on this measure, I am still encouraged by House Republican leadership’s commitments to:


  • “Pass a budget by April that balances within ten years and remains near balance thereafter,
  • “Permit the March 1 sequester to go forward – albeit with redirected cuts – thus holding the House, Senate and President to their legal spending reduction obligations in the Budget Control Act of 2011,
  • “Adopt a continuing resolution near the end of March at an annual discretionary level of $974 billion, and
  • “Meet the Boehner rule (at least $1 in cuts for every $1 in new debt) and include no tax increases in any new debt limit increases.”

LLPH thanks Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS 1) again for his strong support for fiscal responsibility and encourages him to keep up the good work. 

Here is the link to his press release:

Here is the link to the roll call vote:

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