Debt Ceiling Increase 1: Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM 2) Keeps Getting Better!

Representative Stevan 'Steve' E. Pearce

LLPH applauds Rep. Pearce for once again standing up for fiscal responsibility. We commend him for his strong improvement on fiscal responsibility so far during this 113th Congress. 

Rep. Pearce stated in a press release: 

Washington, DC (January 23, 2013) – Today, U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce voted against H.R. 325, which implements a short-term debt ceiling extension.


“Washington has tried short-term extensions on the debt ceiling before,” said Pearce.  “Clearly, they haven’t worked: our debt continues to rise, and Washington continues to print money and raise taxes to fund its spending spree.  The President once said that raising the debt limit was ‘unpatriotic,’ ‘irresponsible,’ and ‘a sign of leadership failure.’  I call on him, and the Senate, to follow his own advice, and work with Congress to address our debt crisis: not tomorrow, not next month, but today.”


Rep. Pearce has repeatedly called on Senate Democrats to pass a budget—something they have failed to do for nearly four years.  The most widely publicized aspect of today’s bill, termed “no budget, no pay,” purports to suspend lawmakers’ pay until a budget is passed.  However, this provision is in reality ineffective, since it only postpones lawmakers’ paychecks in the absence of a budget, rather than stopping them altogether.

Ineffective is the right word because unless the Congress is planning on breaking their Constitutional oath, then they would have to get paid. Also, continuing to increase the debt without spending cuts is wrong. LLPH promises to score any future votes that raises the debt ceiling without spending cuts negatively. 

Here’s Rep. Pearce’s press release:

Here’s the roll call vote:

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