Debt Ceiling Increase 1: Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV 3) Commended by LLPH

Representative Joseph 'Joe' Heck, Jr.

LLPH commends Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV 3) for voting against raising the debt ceiling that did not include spending cuts. We hope he will continue to fight for fiscal sanity, as in the past, he has voted for very few spending cuts. We hope his votes in this congress will be different than the ones that he made in the 112th, where he voted against fiscal sanity. 

He stated in a press release: 

“I have said repeatedly that I would not consider voting to raise the debt limit unless there were major spending reductions included in the bill — this bill has exactly zero spending cuts. What’s worse is that this bill doesn’t actually raise the debt limit, it suspends – or rather, ignores it – for three months, essentially giving the President a blank check.  This bill sets up yet another debt limit showdown and further delays serious action on our nation’s debt and spending issues. I strongly doubt Nevadans are sitting at home hoping Congress can find a way to set up another fiscal cliff.


“That said, I strongly agree that both the House and Senate should meet their current legal obligation to pass a budget, and support the “no budget, no pay” concept.  But this bill falls well short of what the American people expect. Rather than requiring Congress to work together and agree on one budget resolution, this bill simply states that each chamber must pass its own budget. That approach gets us no closer to addressing Washington’s out of control spending and the major drivers of our debt.”

Here’s the link to his press release:

Here’s the link to the roll call vote:

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