Debt Ceiling Increase 1: Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL 3) Keeps His Word!

Representative Theodore 'Ted' Scott Yoho

During the 2012 primary elections, Rep. Yoho won against a more moderate incumbent. As one of his first votes, Rep. Yoho kept his pledge to not raise the debt ceiling without spending cuts. For this, we thank Rep. Ted Yoho!

Here’s his statement on Facebook: 

Yesterday, Congressman Yoho voted no to HR 325 which suspended the debt ceiling. Congressman Yoho released the following statement:
“I gave my constituents in Florida my word that I would bring accountability to government. I stood by my word by voting against H.R. 325, which ultimately raises the debt ceiling. For that reason alone, I could not support it.”
“The concept of ‘No Budget, No Pay,’ is a step in the right direction of holding Congress accountable and placing pressure on all of us to perform our duties. We face tough challenges and must make major decisions soon. The policies of both parties from the last decade have increased the national debt to an unsustainable level. My goal is to work with my constituents and colleagues alike to take on these challenges.”
LLPH thanks Congressman Yoho for fighting for spending cuts and fiscal sanity. We warn all legislators that while we did NOT score a vote this time, any future debt ceiling increases without spending cuts will be seen as a violation of LLPH principles.
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