Sandy Bill 2: Thanks to Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX 21) for Voting No.

Representative Lamar S. Smith

LLPH thanks Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX 21) for voting against H.R. 152 (Sandy Supplemental 2) that included wasteful spending and was not offset.

The Congressman stated in a press release:

 “Under President Obama, the federal government now borrows 42 cents for every dollar it spends. No family, no community, no business and no country can sustain that kind of excessive spending.  That is the road to insolvency. 


“While I sympathize with the victims of Hurricane Sandy, Congress has already authorized $9.7 billion in emergency funding.  But the $50 billion bill considered today includes additional spending far beyond emergency funds for Hurricane Sandy victims. Emergency spending bills should not be a vehicle for pet projects or even important programs. Those types of spending requests should be considered separately.  


“Congress should wait and see how the already allocated $9.7 billion is spent before going back to the American taxpayers for additional funds.”

LLPH hopes that Rep. Smith will continue to fight for fiscal responsibility. We hope he will continue to recognize that our deficit needs to be decreased (as opposed to some of his votes in the 112th). If this is a new way of voting, we congratulate him. On this vote, good job, Rep. Smith!

Here’s the link to his press release:

Here’s the link to the roll call vote (“nay” was preferred):

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