Sandy Bill 2: LLPH Thanks Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX 8) for Voting No.

Representative Kevin P. Brady

LLPH applauds Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX 8) for voting against final passage of H.R. 152 (Sandy Supplemental 2). H.R. 152 had a huge amount of wasteful spending and was not offset. 

The Congressman stated on Facebook: 

Kevin Brady
I voted yes on the bill that authorized funds to meet the immediate needs for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Coming from Hurricane Alley in Southeast Texas we know how important timely disaster aid is to families, small businesses and communities. We fought to offset the new costs to prevent adding to the debt crisis through an amendment which called for across-the-board cuts to the federal government. Though 160 Members voted for it, the measure did not prevail. I also voted yes on all of the amendments which cut the non-Sandy related spending from the bill. When the $33 billion was added – too much of which was not Sandy related – I voted against the final package.
LLPH thanks Rep. Brady and urge him to continue fighting for fiscal responsibility.
Here is the link to the roll call vote:
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