Sandy Bill 2-Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO 2) Stands Up for Fiscal Responsibility

Representative Ann WagnerLLPH thanks Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Missouri CD 2) for standing up for fiscal sanity and for voting against the pork-filled Sandy Relief bill. While getting aid is important, refusing to protect the next generation from a pile of debt is also important. That is why LLPH urged a “no” vote on the Sandy Supplemental. 

The Congresswoman stated in a press release: 

Then this week, the House considered additional legislation that authorized spending over $50 billion in taxpayer funds.  Unfortunately, well over half of these funds would not be spent until 2015 and certain lawmakers used this legislation to attach pet projects that have nothing to do with disaster relief.  Even more troublingly, there were no offsets for it, meaning that this spending would be added to our already outrageous national debt.  That is why I supported an amendment that would have paid for this spending, but unfortunately it failed.  As a result, I could not support the entire measure since it failed to fully provide immediate assistance to those in need and added billions to our out-of-control national debt.

 We thank Congresswoman Wagner and hope that she will continue to fight for fiscal responsibility.

Here is the link to her press release:

Here is the link to the roll call vote (“nay” was preferred):

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