Sandy Bill 2: Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA 4)-The 2nd Strongest Leader

Representative Tom McClintock

Of all of the conservatives who fought for fiscal responsibility for the Sandy Bill 2, Rep. Tom McClintock has to be commended as the 2nd Strongest Leader (2nd only to Rep. Mulvaney (R-SC)). Fighting for the Mulvaney Amendment to offset the cuts and giving several floors speeches in favor of returning to fiscal sanity, Tom McClintock deserves the thanks of every American. 

This rule brings us a spending package of more than $50 billion that is supposed to be for emergency repairs in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

That averages $450 from every household in America.  $450. 

These families have a right to expect that this money is being used for genuine emergency relief.  But it’s not. 

According to the Congressional Budget Office, more than 90 percent won’t even be spent this year.  That’s not emergency relief.

I won’t even go on. You get the point of how awesome Rep. McClintock was on the house floor! 

Here’s an example of wasteful spending in the Sandy Bill 2, which Rep. McClintock stated: 

Two billion is for highway repairs anywhere in the country – including up to $20 million each for Guam, American Somoa and the Mariana Islands that aren’t even in the same ocean as Hurricane Sandy.

Rep. McClintock has always been one of the strongest fiscal conservatives in Washington D.C. There are very few conservatives that allow me to have hope in D.C…Mr. McClintock is one of them.  Thank you, Tom McClintock!

To read more about the Sandy Bill 2 and Tom McClintock, read his press releases here:

And see the roll call vote (no was preferred by LLPH):

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