Sandy Bill 2: Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa 4): We Must Take Fiscal Responsibility

Representative Steve A. King

Another one of LLPH’s strongest allies (and one we were proud and overjoyed when he won re-election this past November), Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa 4) voted against final passage of the Sandy Bill 2.

He stated in a press release: 

“During the 2011 debt ceiling debate, House Republicans were able to force spending caps as part of a first step towards fiscal sanity,” said King. “Today, the House threw aside those
spending caps, along with all sense of fiscal responsibility. Furthermore, a number of good,
common sense, fiscally conservative amendments were prevented from even receiving a vote, thus preventing the House from being allowed to work its will on this important legislation.

I support getting funding out to communities in need as the result of Hurricane Sandy. Just two weeks ago I supported immediately-necessary supplemental funding to ensure that policy holders in the National Flood Insurance Plan would continue to receive legitimate insurance payments for their damaged property. However, the legislation considered today did not meet the standard for responsible disaster relief. Long-term spending should instead be addressed when Congress picks up the appropriations process again in the coming weeks. It is unconscionable to use this tragic storm as an excuse to throw aside our budget restraints, pileon spending measures unrelated to disaster relief, the majority of which will not even be spentout for years, and continue to pile debt on our children.”

Rep. King is absolutely right. An emergency supplemental should only be used for the emergency at hand. Adding things like funding for the Weather Service or additional funding for the building of walls should be done through the regular process. These are not emergencies. That is why we supported a “no” vote on final passage until this wasteful spending was eliminated.

Link the Congressman King’s statement:

See the final roll call vote (“no” was preferred):

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