Sandy Bill 2: Rep. LaMalfa (R-CA 1) Agrees to $17 Billion, Says $33 Billion More=Too Much!

Representative Doug LaMalfa

While LLPH disagrees with Rep. LaMalfa on the $17 billion, we can understand his support for it. In the end, LaMalfa joined with other Republicans and many conservatives to vote against the overall package after $33 billion additional was added. This was the correct vote.

“LaMalfa was among Republicans who voted for an amendment that would have cut all federal budgets by 1.63 percent to offset the $17 billion that was approved for immediate hurricane relief.


The new congressman said he planned to scrutinize the rest of the proposed spending very carefully.”We have an enormity of issues to do this year, not in number but in scope and magnitude,” he said.”

Read more here:

See the roll call vote on the overall package here:

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