Sandy Bill 2: Fiscal Conservative Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA 10) Tries to Stop $100+million Wasteful Spending

Representative Paul C. Broun

LLPH applauds one of our strongest allies in the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA 10) for his fight to cut out $316 million of wasteful spending in the Sandy Supplemental. We believe that emergency spending should only be for the real emergency…not other unnecessary programs and government bureaucracies. 

The Congressman stated in a press release:

“While my heart goes out to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, it is unacceptable for Congress to use this disaster as a justification for passing a bill chock-full of pork barrel spending,” said Congressman Broun.  “My amendments to the bill simply and reasonably eliminate funding for any pet projects that are unrelated to emergencies brought on by Hurricane Sandy.  In other words, my changes would ensure that every dollar spent by means of this legislation is directed toward the people and places that are most in need of help due to the devastating effects of the hurricane.


“For instance, while $133 million for improved weather forecasting equipment and satellites might be important, funding for these kinds of upgrades shouldn’t be doled out through the Sandy Disaster Relief bill – they should go through the regular appropriations process. An even more egregious carve out: the proposed legislation includes a whopping $86 million to bail out the Northeast Corridor of Amtrak as well as to fund the construction of a Hudson River tunnel.  Again, while many folks can see the benefits in these ideas, I think most of my colleagues can agree that these aren’t exactly disaster-linked projects.  This is the wrong time, wrong place, and wrong bill to be discussing such items.


“In the midst of a heated debate about raising the debt ceiling, the Sandy Disaster Relief bill as it stands contradicts what everyone in Washington says they’re trying to do – and that’s cut excess spending.  I urge my colleagues to support my amendments, because the last thing this Congress needs is a green light to manipulate crises as a trade-off for more federal expenditures.”

Congressman Broun voted against the final package due to the wasteful spending that was still in the package. We thank Congressman Broun for his strong voice for fiscal conservatism and sanity.

Link to his press release:

See the final roll call vote (“Nay” was preferred by LLPH):

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