LLPH Thanks Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL 5) for Sandy Bill 2 Vote and Leadership!

Representative Morris 'Mo' J. Brooks

LLPH commends Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL 5) for his “no” vote on the Sandy Bill 2 that included wasteful and unnecessary spending. In addition, we want to thank him for attempting to pass an amendment that would offset the funding of Hurricane Sandy with cuts to wasteful foreign aid spending.

The Congressman stated in a press release:

“To me, it’s an easy choice between helping Americans who need aid, and helping foreigners who desire aid. These are American tax dollars being spent, and I would submit that it’s best to spend those American tax dollars helping Americans that are in need.

“To kind of put it into perspective, here is an example of the choice. We could spend $531 million dollars on Tanzania, $368 million on Zambia, $652 million on Kenya, $625 million on Nigeria, or perhaps as much as $2 billion in New Castle County, Sussex County, Kent County, and other damaged areas in Delaware. We could spend $180 million in Indonesia, $142 million for the Philippines, $107 million in Vietnam, $85 million in the Republic of Georgia, or we could shift those kinds of sums to Atlantic City, Hoboken, and other places in New Jersey.”

This is the kind of common sense that Washington D.C. needs more of. We salute Rep. Mo Brooks for not just voting “no” on the final bill, but for actually trying to find solutions to solve the problem. We wish more representatives would have his common sense.

Read more of his press release here:

The final roll call vote on the overall bill:

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