LLPH Endorses Denny Rehberg (R) for Montana Senator!

Today, LLPH Second Revolution endorses Denny Rehberg to be the next Senator from Montana. While we have some concerns about his fiscal record, he is the ONLY CONSERVATIVE that can win in the race.

With a PROVEN RECORD of fighting very strongly for Life and Liberty, and working hard on the issues of fiscal matters, we endorse him for Senate. Let’s review his conservative record:

LIFE: Opposes Obamacare fully. Will opposes judicial nominees like Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Received a 100% from the National Right to Life as well as their endorsement.

LIBERTY: Opposes Obamacare, the Patriot Act, and indefinite detention. A top bracket candidate for anyone who cares about liberty.

PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (FISCAL ISSUES): Kind of shaky on this one, but a ton better than his opponent (Senator Tester). Senator Tester voted for the bailouts and TARP, opposes the Audit of the Federal Reserve (we judge this by his silence and refusal to co-sponsor the bill), and supports raising the debt ceiling. Denny Rehberg opposed TARP and the bailouts, spoke on the House Floor in favor of, and opposed raising the debt ceiling. Overall, it is the small spending cuts that are Congressman Rehberg’s problem, but compared to Senator Tester (who has never voted for a true spending cut), he would be a significant improvement.

I have some struggles and concerns with Congressman Rehberg. But after hearing about the liberals trying to get conservatives to vote for the libertarian candidate, who they call the “true conservative”, LLPH had to speak up. We are proud to support Denny Rehberg and urge all Montanans to vote for Denny Rehberg for Senate!

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