Re-Elect Jeff Landry: A Man of Honor-Louisiana CD 3

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It’s not everyday that I get to write about a congressman who has my trust. I don’t agree with Congressman Landry on everything, but I know his heart is in the right place. I can’t say that about his opponent, Congressman Boustany.

Due to redistricting, both congressmen are in the same district. Congressman Boustany and his close allies in the state legislature drew the map so that it would disadvantage Congressman Landry. But today, the race is close, and the November election will determine who gets to continue on to the 113th Congress.

Too often, Conservatives’ problems have not been with the liberals or RINOs from liberal districts. It has been with RINOs from conservative districts. With gains being made this year in the conservative movement (on the condition that these reps stay true to their values), we will likely see strong conservative voices in the likes of Matt Salmon, Thomas Massie, Tom Cotton, Ron DeSantis, Jackie Walorski, Mark Meadows, and many others.

Unfortunately, it Congressman Boustany wins, he and his liberal Republican allies will continue to fight against conservative voices like Congressman Amash, Graves, Jordan, McClintock, Schweikert, and others.

How liberal is Congressman Boustany’s record?


Voted Against Conservative (and LLPH endorsed) Congressman Mulvaney’s to cut non security discretionary spending to 2006 levels…saving billions of dollars—Congressman Landry voted YES!

Voted Against the RSC Balanced Budget. Congressman Landry voted YES!

Voted Against Spending cuts for the Agriculture Appropriations bill…would have saved $1.8 billion. Congressman Landry voted YES!

Voted FOR Unconstitutional Patent Reform Legislation. Congressman Landry voted NO!

Voted FOR Reauthorization of Wasteful Ex-Im Bank. Congressman Landry voted NO!

Over and over again, Congressman Boustany has lived up to liberal principles. His votes are closer to that of Nancy Pelosi, than to that of his counterparts.

Madison Project wrote an excellent piece on the liberal record of Boustany as they endorsed Congressman Landry:

Our freedom movement will only succeed if we have true conservatives leading the charge. Re-electing Congressman Landry is a must.

Help him here:

In Liberty, Spoa

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