Good News: Rehberg Leads Liberal Tester (Incumbent-More Liberal than New York Democrats)!

I know that a lot of conservatives are not huge fans of the moderate Congressman Denny Rehberg, but after a huge week of polling that were not the best, a 3-point lead for Denny Rehberg is wonderful news.

Conservatives will probably point to several RINO votes that he has taken, and I will not excuse him for these votes. But let’s review the difference between him and Harry Reid disciple Senator Tester.

Denny Rehberg supports defunding NPR, supported the DC Opportunity Scholarship (hated by labor unions), supported the defunding of Obamacare and Planned Parenthood, supports offshore drilling, and voted for Cut, Cap, and Balance. He voted for the Protect Life Act, the free trade agreements, and against giving the Executive Branch more czars.

He earned a pathetic 53% from the Heritage Foundation, but he is so much better than Senator Tester (who earned the LOWEST SCORE OF THE WHOLE MONTANA DELEGATION…a 3%!)

Senator Tester is a true disciple of Harry Reid. He’s so liberal that he earned a lower score than Harry Reid (HAFA: 5%). How is this man representing a state that elects moderates? The average score of Senate Democrats was 7%. But it is no wonder since Senator Tester loves funding Planned Parenthood and Obamacare. He supported extreme judicial nominees like Elena Kagan and Goodwin Liu. He voted against ALL the free trade agreements, and opposes conscience protection act.

This November, Montana needs a true leader. They don’t need a fiery liberal who is worst than Harry Reid and the majority of Democrats. Take into consideration that Senator Feinstein of California earned a 6% from the Republican group Heritage Foundation. Senators Schumer and Gillibrand of New York both earned 5%. Even the chairwoman of the DSCC Senator Patty Murray earned a 9%.

Montana voters needs to ask a question: Do they want a man who will represent them or a man who is so radical that even New Yorkers wouldn’t elect this type of guy?

Thankfully, Montana voters seem to be seeing who Senator Tester really is. Hopefully, they will vote that way this November 2012.


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